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Mostly Unfinished...

Jun. 6th, 2006 | 10:07 pm
location: Cleveland, Ohio
knitting: Hummina - Brace Yourself Bridget

I actually have been knitting as of late. It comes in spurts for me, like reading. I'll go for weeks just stepping over my Neverending Shawl and trying to avoid its pitiful gaze and then suddenly the guilt comes on and I feel a need to knit something - anything to avoid the shawl guilt. So I've been plodding forward. I am not a fast knitter, but I wish I were because I alwasys want to try something new, but then get bored quicker than a Kindergartener with ADHD on two pounds of pixie sticks. I do have some things done though! I made a scarf for my grandma, but I gave it to her before taking any pictures. Here are the ones I can prove:

I promise I'll finish the other one!Collapse )A blast from the past!Collapse )

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Craft Challenge Away!

Apr. 4th, 2006 | 12:45 pm

As you may know, Craftster hosts a more or less monthly craft challenge. I'm a lurker on the board - I like to look at things and go "ooh, pretty" and then scurry off with my burst of creativity. Finally, I decided to become Involved. Yes, I decided to participate and even finished this month's challenge. It is on the board now along with some other great entries. Go on over and vote for one of them once they're all up. I am humbled, BUT (!) I had a lot of fun so it's worth it.

I had a bunch of shoes in my closet I could work with, but first I decided to try a pair of white sneakers. I spent almost a month batiking them and waiting for them to dry only to discover that the method I'd used wouldn't work on sneakers like it does on t-shirts - the fabric was too think and the dye just snuck in behind the areas I'd tried to block off. So no batiked shoes. I will show you a picture of my sad project. And yes, the damn things are still drying.

Then Saturday morning it came to me in a dream - literally. I ran out to the thrift store yesterday searching for orange rain boots I'd seen there a few weeks ago. Of course, as luck would have it, someone had bought the things that I thought would be terrible to wear. How dare someone wear my craft challenge! I did however find another pair of boots that, with a little alteration, would fit the idea perfectly.

I came home with a pair of children's cowboy boots and a clock.

I destroyed the clock (which was not easy - most of the screws were stripped) and the boots. I cut a hole in the boots the size of the clock face, slipped the face into the space between the outside material and lining and screwed it in. Then, I did a crochet chain stitch around the outside of the face to make a "lasso." The clock works fine, but you can't really get to the alarm, so no alarm anymore, but that's okay. You can get to the battery to change that.

My original idea was to add sherriff stars and horseshoes around the outside, but I liked it so much the way it was I didn't want to change it. I do have another boot though, just in case I want to explore that possibility as well. :)

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Knitting and other needles

Feb. 21st, 2006 | 12:51 pm

I love flickr.com. When I upload pictures from there they always look so nice As you may have noticed though, the pictures I have been uploading recently have not looked so nice. This is because flickr hates me Sometimes as soon as I log into the site my computer stops running and shuts everything down.  Other times, it says it uploads my pictures (after waiting 20 minutes) and they don't appear anywhere on the site.  Until flickr gets its act together we are taking a break.  Perhaps in time it will learn that it wants to function around me again and I can ditch photobucket and everything will be happy again.  *sigh*  If only.

Last week was Spring Break so yarn_nymph and I took advantage of it and did what any other self-respecting college students do on Spring Break - we got our ears pierced. yarn_nymph went with the cartilege piercing about halfway up her ear.  I decided to finally pierce my tragus.  God, that sounds dirty if you don't know what it is.  The tragus is that little flappy piece of cartilege right by your face.  And it crunches when you pierce it.  Anyway, my happy new piercing!

Image hosting by Photobucket

yarn_nymph and I followed the event with a discussion about why on earth we would pay someone to stick a needle through our ears.  In any other context it would be torture, but since we paid them it's a favor and we even have to tip.  How weird is our culture?  That evening we decided to be even more collegey and went out for drinks.  Then to Amish country to go yarn-hunting the next day.  We didn't find anything that we couldn't get at the LYS so we came home with only cheese to show for our journey.

Last week we also resurrected Knifty Knits as we do every few months.  This time we decided we were actually going to get a table at a craft fair this Christmas so we'd <i>have</i> to work on stuff.  We will get our shit together I tell you!  I ran around the house looking for things that I haven't photgraphed yet and somehow I always find more.

projectsCollapse )

non-knittingCollapse )

Well, 'tis all for now.  Now off to shower, school, work and sulking about not getting called back for an interview like I hoped. :)

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Knitting Olympics

Feb. 13th, 2006 | 12:55 pm

First things first. Last month my cousin had her baby - I haven't seen him in the sweater yet, but he looks pretty good without it.

MichaelCollapse )

We also started the Knitting Olympics. I decided on Bobblicious from this edition of knitty. It looks so comfy and I can just imagine wearing it while typing on the computer in winter. It would be like being wrapped in a very warm blanket. I don't like the bobbles though. Yes, I know that's the point, but I'm just not too fond of them so I decided to skip those and use a different color in ribbing on the ends. My shrug will be in green and blue. And I love the yarn! I normally don't knit with really big needles or big yarn, but I can see why it can be tempting to do things in this gauge. It makes everything much easier!

For our Knitting Olympics yarn_nymph (who is also doing a modified Bobblicious) decided to teach her boyfriend how to knit.

Olympics with the Foaming GnomeCollapse )

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Happy Belated New Year

Jan. 22nd, 2006 | 09:41 am

Well, last post I got to show off baby stuff, I have more for this one. My cousin is due to have a baby any day now so I finally got around to.. my first sweater!!! Ok, it's a miniature sweater and I had some... difficulties, but eventually it turned out pretty good. It's from Lion Brand, but I seem to have lost the link. :( If I find it I shall be sure to update.

Now, for the difficulties. I was so excited that I was finally finishing a sweater - after around 4 years of knitting it was about time to get somewhere near finishing an entire garment. Well, my excitement overcame me and instead of sewing the sleeves where they belonged, I sewed them onto the front of the sweater. Unless the child is deformed he wouldn't be using that. So I had to cut them off and I reknitted both sleeves, which was sad when I was so close to finishing, but I ended up with a non-deformed hand-knitted sweater which everyone was very impressed with. I was one of the few baby showers I've been to that didn't have an overload of hand-made things. My mom and I were the only ones that had made something by hand.

picturesCollapse )

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Welcome Back

Dec. 23rd, 2005 | 07:29 pm

Yes, I have returned and got into the swing of things here in the U.S. of A. again. My first welcome back was from none other than yarn_floozy. I couldn't wait to show her my array of knitted projects and she couldn't wait to try them on...

... at the same time.

Also, as I was scanning my computer I came across something I didn't post. This summer, my step-sister had a baby girl. I was so excited I'd get to knit something cute and girly so I went immediately for Miss Dashwood from Knitty's Winter 2004 issue. I loved getting to do the fun stitches I'd never used before and it turned out so pretty!

Miss DashwoodCollapse )

The baby, Paige, turned out pretty good too. :)

PaigeCollapse )

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Getting Ready to Go...

Dec. 11th, 2005 | 12:21 pm

About three more days here in Geneva. It's amazing how quickly knitting gets done when you have... what's that word?... oh, time! Yes, without a job and not much school and tons of traveling! Unfortunately, not needles allowed on the 8 hourish trip home. :( I think that's why I prefer travel by bus and train over here. At least I have my yarn stash to go home to! Yes, I definitely have my priorities straight.

As my goodby present from Geneva, I must show you perhaps the coolest car on the planet:

It's from Pelote - the LYS her in Geneva. How cool is it to have a Smart Car covered in yarn? Too cool for me, that's for sure.

Well, more knitting adventures when I get back home.

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Nov. 24th, 2005 | 05:52 pm

So, here I am, about to unveil my first actual pattern that I gauged and worked on and doesn't look like I just did some random stitches because I wanted to do something different. It's crazy! What's crazier is that yarn_floozy unveiled a project she did with wristwarmers and ribbon only last week! It was, as Jung would say, very synchronistic. Without further ado, my I Love You wristwarmers...

sign my letters with Xs and Os and more projects with big picturesCollapse )

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OMG! It's alive!

Oct. 9th, 2005 | 01:43 pm

I completely beat yarn_floozy. My journal hasn't been updated since JANUARY so I definitely win the lazy updater award. W00+ to me.

Anyway, here are some projects (obviously not all of them) that I have finished in the meantime.
fosCollapse )

So that's all for now. I need to find something new to work on...

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(no subject)

Jan. 5th, 2005 | 05:02 pm

Update: yarn dyeing, new layout, more...

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